We do not list houses for sale, We BUY them! We have over 300 Buyers in the metro area waiting now for homes.

A O Home Solutions is associated with a group of Investors, buyers, banks, handy men buyers, executive wholesalers, etc. that buy 5-10 houses per month and would like to buy more and your home. We also do Lease Purchases and Owner Financing, Wholesales, Rent to own, Leases (long and short term), and Rentals.

Selling your house using traditional methods can be frustrating, expensive and Stressful when time important. If life has you in a situation that you want or need to sell your house quickly, then we can provide you with a solution to do just that. We usually do not have to wait for a Bank loan to buy your house.   

Here is how we can help...

First, let me be sure to tell you that my services and evaluations are free. I will come look at your house and make you an offer. What we do is create solutions that enable you as a seller, to sell your house quickly without having to deal with realtors or selling privately.

There are so many reasons that people are selling their houses and do not have the time, patience, the marketing necessay to sell by owner or through the traditional route that today takes months or even years to sell at a fair price. This is why so many houses eventually go to foreclosure or end up being rented out and destroyed by tenants.

What we do is provide debt and stress relief by working with you the seller, to create an offer that works for us both.